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solaris 10 + ora10gR2 RAC NOT a success story [message #236051] Tue, 08 May 2007 16:13 Go to next message
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Hello everyone,

We have recently installed 10gR2 RAC + ASM on 2 Sun servers running Solaris 10 OS. Since we started using the system (before applying patch we have been observing a rather strange behaviour.

We start the CRS, nodeapps, asm and finally the database. crs_stat -t reports everything to be fine. Then, after a random period of time, one of the nodes' vip is lost, resulting to the eviction of the node. After applying the patch, the node is not evicted, the vip is reassigned to the other node and the instance keeps functioning properly. BUT, the vip continues to fail on random intervals.

After searching through the OS's logs, in /var/adm/messages we get a message that the qfe (public IP nic) gets turned off and restored in a second at the specific moments that the vip service gets losts. After we experimented enough, we came to the discovery that if we keep pinging endlessly the public IPs of the the 2 nodes, the qfes of both the servers never get turned off and on. This way the RAC performs without any problems.

Can someone of you explain this behavior? Is there something we are missing during or post installation? Is this a Solaris problem, an Oracle problem or a HW problem? We have almost eliminated the posibility for a NIC problem, since we switched the qfe nic for the ce nic (previously used for the interconnect) and we get the same behavior, this time for the ce card.

Any help and/or guidance is extremely welcome since we seem to run out of options and directions. If anyone is interested, we will gladly provide any logs or elaborate on the matter.

Thank you very much for your time and interest.

Petros Mikos
petros.mikos@gmail__.com (remove 2 underscores to mail)
Re: solaris 10 + ora10gR2 RAC NOT a success story [message #239080 is a reply to message #236051] Mon, 21 May 2007 07:47 Go to previous message
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I have a problem on the same platform.

I installed RAC on Solaris 10, it all installed succesfully, and after executing root.sh script on second machine,
my servers reseted together. The last message I saw on console was:
"Starting GSD application resource on (2) nodes."
After that, Solaris is starting, and then it's reseting again. I don't understand why this is happening. Can anybody help me?

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