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RAC - TAF problem [message #216909] Tue, 30 January 2007 18:58
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We're running a two node Oracle 10g R2 RAC on RHEL 3.x.

We need TAF 24x7 for selects.

We have very few inserts and tons of updates during a six hour period during the day.

All our apps are custom written in VB.Net using the latest version of the .Net driver for Oracle.

Our TAF works whenever we bring down any database instance using the server control or kill the process or plug the power cables out of the server - whatever we do, our applications failover extremely well.

But we had a crazy problem a few days ago - when our applications hung. There were no error messages in our applications - they were connected to the database - but the applications were hung and waiting for select statements to execute.

We had to reboot both nodes in our cluster and restart all client apps to restore operations.

On examining logs, Oracle support told us that the database we were accessing was going down and coming in multiple times each second.

My question is how is it possible to monitor this? If, indeed, the database went down and came up multiple times in a second, won't the listener know that this is happening? How can our applications - these are written in-house - get an indication or message that something is wrong with the database - that the database is not available - instead of hanging on a select statement without ever coming out of it?

Thanks very much

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