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Oracle: create a partition by reference (partition by reference(fk)) on non referenced table [message #681800] Tue, 01 September 2020 03:10 Go to next message
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We have realized that we need to use Oracle (12 c) interval partitioning.We have an hierarchical entity model with lots of @OneToMany relationships.We want to use "partitioning by range" (day,month... ) on the "parent/root" entity (A) and "partition by reference" on all child entities (B). From the Oracle documentation: "Reference partitioning allows the partitioning of two tables related to one another by referential constraints. The partitioning key is resolved through an existing parent-child relationship, enforced by enabled and active primary key and foreign key constraints." The problem is that child entities (B) can refer to other entities ( C) that they don't have any link with the "parent/root" entity (A). I can create partitions on A and on B but when I want to drop the partition on A ( partition on B on cascade), I get an error integrity error and it fails. it works only if I delete all records on C and B and then partition them. I don't want to do that as it's not efficient and slow compared to dropping partitions directly

Please is there a way to create a partition on table C based on A(creation_date) without adding any foreign constraint between A and C?

Small example to illustrate the case

A - parent entity
B - child entity to A
C - child entity to B

create table
A (
id number primary key,
creation_date date
partition by range (creation_date)
partition p1 values less than (to_date('20180501','yyyymmdd')),

create table
B (
id number primary key,
value varchar2(5),
a_id number not null,
constraint fk_ba foreign key (a_id) references A
partition by reference(fk_ba);

create table
C (
id number primary key,
code varchar2(5),
b_id number not null,
constraint fk_cb foreign key (b_id) references B
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Welcome to the forum. Please read the OraFAQ Forum Guide and How to use code tags and make your code easier to read

Is this what you want to do:

orclz> ed
Wrote file afiedt.buf

  1  create table
  2  C (
  3  id number primary key,
  4  code varchar2(5),
  5  b_id number not null,
  6  constraint fk_cb foreign key (b_id) references B
  7  )
  8* partition by reference (fk_cb)
orclz> /

Table created.

(ps - to save anyone else some minor irritation, OP has an extra comma at the end of the penultimate line for creating A)
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