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DB-Engines Ranking: Oracle RDBMS the most popular product - 04.2014 [message #612186] Mon, 14 April 2014 05:24 Go to next message
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Rank	Last Month	DBMS	Database Model	Score	Changes
1.		1.	Oracle	Relational DBMS	1514.08	+22.28
2.		2.	MySQL	Relational DBMS	1292.67	+2.45
3.		3.	Microsoft SQL Server	Relational DBMS	1210.43	+5.15
4.		4.	PostgreSQL	Relational DBMS	230.23	-4.82
5.		5.	MongoDB	Document store	214.34	+14.35
6.		6.	DB2	Relational DBMS	184.58	-2.74
7.		7.	Microsoft Access	Relational DBMS	142.76	-3.72
8.		8.	SQLite	Relational DBMS	90.17	-2.80
9.		10.	Cassandra	Wide column store	78.72	+0.63
10.		9.	Sybase ASE	Relational DBMS	78.14	-3.42



Method of calculating the scores of the DB-Engines Ranking

The DB-Engines Ranking is a list of database management systems ranked by their current popularity. We measure the popularity of a system by using the following parameters:

Number of mentions of the system on websites, measured as number of results in search engines queries. At the moment, we use Google and Bing for this measurement. In order to count only relevant results, we are searching for "<system name> database", e.g. "Oracle database".

General interest in the system. For this measurement, we use the frequency of searches in Google Trends.

Frequency of technical discussions about the system. We use the number of related questions and the number of interested users on the well-known IT-related Q&A sites Stack Overflow and DBA Stack Exchange.

Number of job offers, in which the system is mentioned. We use the number of offers on the leading job search engines Indeed and Simply Hired.

Number of profiles in professional networks, in which the system is mentioned. We use the internationally most popular professional network LinkedIn.

Relevance in social networks. We count the number of Twitter tweets, in which the system is mentioned.

Do you trust this ranking? I doubt that MySQL much more popular than MariaDB. All Linux distros droped MySQL and included MariaDB!
Re: DB-Engines Ranking: Oracle RDBMS the most popular product - 04.2014 [message #612840 is a reply to message #612186] Fri, 25 April 2014 13:46 Go to previous message
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Well first of all -- there's a reason that the saying "There's lies, damn lies, and statistics" is popular (at least in the US). You can 'prove' whatever you want to with statistics simply by choosing what is to be measured. MariaDB isn't in that list. Did they even measure it? Maybe... or maybe not.

That said, I used my favorite job search site -- indeed.com -- to do a very off-the-cuff check. There were *no* jobs listed for MariaDB in my area -- calculated as 20-miles from a given ZIP code. However, in that same area there are a bunch for people with MySQL experience. I then expanded the search to all of Florida. In the state of Florida there are currently 4 jobs requesting experience with MariaDB (all of which also state MySQL experience is acceptable). The number of jobs listed mentioning MySQL as a requirement was 567.

That's a very limited test, but it very clearly indicates to me that of the two, I'd much rather have MySQL knowledge. When people ask on forums which technology is more in demand, I always suggest they search for jobs in their area using Idneed or some other such site.

Just because the Linux distros are no longer including MySQL does not mean that existing companies with MySQL databases aren't downloading and installing it after the fact because they already are using MySQL. No one throws away their existing database and switches to a new one without a really good reason. MySQL is still free after all.
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