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John Watson
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This post from Michel http://www.orafaq.com/forum/mv/msg/166600/492741/0/#msg_492741 mentions the infamous "closed, not a bug" conclusion to a tar.

My personal favourite is bug 7229976, which says "Abstract: RAC: SOFTWARE IS REMOVED FROM ALL NODES WHEN REMOVING FROM ONE NODE" which sounds pretty serious. But no need to worry about it - "closed, not a bug". So that's all right.

I wondered if any one else has any favourites?

(by the way, the issue with 7229976 is that if you make the slightest mistake when running updateNodeList, the inventory doesn't get edited correctly).

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Michel Cadot
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I have 2 favorites.

My first one happened to my colleague and friend just at my left side at this time.
It was about resource manager, she made many tests to see how CPU time was dispatch among users in different groups (this was in 9.2). The plan was quite complex with several levels. Despite her efforts during many days she couldn't get the CPU repartition she wanted to get. So she opened a TAR to ask how to do it and why her plan does not give the expected result. She answered at each Oracle request, created benchmarks following Oracle suggestions, setting hidden parameters, no way, the expected result was not there each time. The TAR exceeds 60 pages. Development even posted part of the code to show us how it works... After a couple of months, the answer was...
"The code works as designed but not as documented"! "Do not use multi-level plan"!

My second one is about installing Database Vault in version 10.2. I tried first time and failed in Oracle installation assistant, worked around, failed again... After a couple of other tries, I opened a SR. Support failed to understand. Got a appointment with development team after several months, they didn't trust us (french Oracle support and I) that we couldn't install Database Vault. I spent part of a night with the team, they followed on their screen what I did online.
First fail: our directory name contained upper case character.
Second fail: TNS_ADMIN was set and we didn't use $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin files
Third fail: Our listener.ora and tnsnames.ora was too complex (just contained several listeners and service names).
Fourth fail: our SYS password contained non-alphanumerical characters.
Fifth fail: our listener was not named LISTENER.
Sixth fail: our temporary tablespace was not named TEMP.
At this point, I said: "stop, it is useless to go further, fix these bugs and we will try again after".
In the end, after more than a year, the support closed the SR with the reason: "these are not
bugs, these are restriction to install the product"!
Read again the restriction keeping in mind this is a feature to improve security and to install
it the password of SYS (and other DV accounts) must be weak (if you can use only alphanumerical characters it is weak in my opinion), the name of listener must be well known, the port also (we realized later that it must be 1521)...
Part of the SR was published in

Shame, shame, shame, shame on them!

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