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RAC on HP-UX :Enabling and Disabling Service Guard Monitoring [message #437471] Mon, 04 January 2010 10:46
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We have 2 RAC databases with 2 nodes for each databases on HP-UX boxes (HP-UX cosmic B.11.23 U ia64)

tst database has tst1 and tst2 instances on server1
and dev database has dev1 and dev2 instances on server2

As of now, before we stop any of the databases we disable the Service Guard Monitoring by creating a file /tmp/maintainance (on both machines)
and after we start any of the databases, we enable the Service Gurad Monitoring by deleting the file /tmp/maintainance (on both machines)

My query is if I have one instance up and other down, which happened many times, what is the best sequence for this?

In such cases starting the instance which is down, does not go well
Taking the instance which is up and then starting the database using srvctl, succeeds sometime

Following is the output of cmviewcl for the Service Guard related packages

oracle@server2:/opt/oracle/admin/tst/bdump $cmviewcl

clusternm     up

  NODE         STATUS       STATE
  server2       up           running

    PACKAGE             STATUS       STATE        AUTO_RUN     NODE
    server2_ora_dba      up           running      enabled      server2
    server2_ora_tst2     up           running      enabled      server2
    server2_ora_lsnr_tst up           running      enabled      server2
    server2_ora_lsnr_dev up           running      enabled      server2
    server2_ora_dev2     up           running      enabled      server2

  NODE         STATUS       STATE
  server1       up           running

    PACKAGE             STATUS       STATE        AUTO_RUN     NODE
    server1_ora_dba      up           running      enabled      server1
    server1_ora_tst1     up           running      enabled      server1
    server1_ora_lsnr_tst up           running      enabled      server1
    server1_ora_lsnr_dev up           running      enabled      server1
    server1_ora_dev1     up           running      enabled      server1
    clusternm_ftp        up           running      enabled      server1

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