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George Larry
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Here's my latest problem- by the way... I'd like to thank all of you
that have helped me in the past. Your aid has been invaluable and I
appreciate it.
Now... I want a result set returned from my pl/sql procedures based
on various conditions. I'll spell it out for you:
Using JSP I've created a page where a user can select to have a
listing generated. The user can select a specific person, dept, or
code (or all people, depts, codes) as well as a range of dates.
These variables are passed to the report generation page... and
here'e where I start having trouble.
Because the user can select a specific person or all people the
condition is conditional (does that make sense?). In the past- not
using procedures... I would create a string for the conditions...

something like:
if ( personID != null ) {
conditionString = " WHERE personID = " + personID;
} else {
conditionString = "";
query = "SELECT * FROM myTable" + conditionString;

If it's possible to send strings to a pl/sql procedure... I don't
know how to do it.
So my question is... do I have to write 9 statements... for each
possiblity (ie
[[all people, all depts, all codes]]
SELECT * FROM myTable;
[[specific person, all depts, all codes]]
SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE personID = pID;
[[specific person, specific dept, specific code]]
SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE personID = pID AND deptID = dID AND
codeID = cID;
...or is there a better way?
I'd appreciate any and all ideas.

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Todd Barry
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Build your condition string just like you did in your example (but don't use != when checking for a value, use IS NOT NULL instead).

Then, open your cursor like this:

open mycursor for 'select * from myTable ' || conditionString;

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