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Dear All,

A non-profit organization depends on a number of different types of persons for its operation. The organization is interested in the following attributes for all of these persons; identification Number, Name, Address, City, Email, Phone Number, Three types of persons is of great interest: employees, volunteers, and donors. Employees only have date hired attributes, and volunteers only have a skill attribute. Donors only donated one or more items, and an item may have no donor, or one or more donors. There are persons other than employees, volunteers, and donors who are of interest to the organization, so that a person need not belong to any of these three groups. On the other hand, at any given time a person may belong to two or more of these groups.

a) 1) Identify entity classes and list them
2) Identify meaningful attributes of each entity class
3) Draw association (1:1, 1: M, M: N) among various entity classes
b) Draw complete E-R model
c) Convert E-R model drawn into set of relations

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